Go on Uganda Honeymoon Safaris

Uganda Honeymoon Safaris

Book Uganda honeymoon safaris and romantic getaways or vacations with us and visit the best honeymoon destinations in Uganda. We offer huge discounts and several honeymoon activities to honeymooners. We truly believe one of the most celebrated moments should be a honeymoon, reason why we offer unforgettable romantic feeling to honeymooners why on honeymoons in Uganda. You will sleep in the best honeymoon lodges like Paraa Safari Lodge, Wildwaters Lodge, Chobe Safari Lodge and Mweya Safari Lodges and Mahogany Springs Lodge among the rest. Some of these lodges overlook eye-catching scenery irrespective of the destination you are in.

Uganda is a very good choice for honeymoon vacations. Our honeymoon packages lasts for as many days or months as you want while maintaining an affordable cost. On average, you should budget for ten day or more if you really want to enjoy your honeymoon in Uganda. This is enough time to explore some of the best honeymoon destinations and engage in various safari activities. If you can afford, you could go for 21 days or even 35. 35 days are just enough to visit almost all attractions in Uganda. Contact us today for affordable Uganda honeymoon safaris.

Honeymoon Safaris in Uganda | Uganda Romantic Holidays

As a couple, start your marriage with a forest walk as you sight the different tree species, hold your hands and gently transverse the lonely planet’s, taking photos as well as enjoying the free songs from the different birds, have a glance at the amazing sunset, visit the different cultures, learn from them, have a horse ride and relaxing in the different lake shores as you view the island. None the less, retrieve from the noise and embrace nature in the wilderness.

Engage in numerous activities such as Game viewing in Kidepo Valley National park with several gems, Queen Elizabeth national park hosting tree-climbing lions, Visit Lake Mburo for an encounter with the Impalas. Relax in the gardens of the source of River Nile, the longest river on earth, and Lake Bunyonyi, surrounded by over 27 islands.

Honeymoon safaris in Murchison Falls National Park

Head to Murchison falls National Park, one of most the renowned destinations in Africa, famous for its world’s most powerful waterfalls, and a remarkable honeymoon destination in the world; The park is one of the oldest and obviously the largest in the country with a wide biodiversity range, hosting unmatched number of mammals such as lions, buffalos, elephants, antelopes, zebras, giraffes and bird species among others.

While here, engage in-game drives, hiking through the honeymoon track, balloon safari as well as enjoying a delicious bush breakfast, and launch cruise Victoria Nile, a ride to view the thundering sound of the most powerful waterfalls in the world, it’s amazing speed and a chance of sighting a rainbow in the devils’ cauldron. Have a romantic night in Paraa Safari lodge, a quiet luxury accommodation, overlooking the Nile River

Primate Trekking on your honeymoon safaris

This is one activity you have not to miss, visiting creatures with over 90% of human genes is a memory that cannot fade as you keep memories for your children, friends and in-laws; the games, energy, noise and care these apes have for each other is very unimaginable and surprising.

While in Kibale Forest National Park, visit the chimpanzees co-existing with baboons, Vervet monkeys among others, Bwindi impenetrable forest offering refuge to the endangered mountain Gorillas in its thick bushes, Mgahinga National Park hosting both the mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. Watching these species is so thrilling and fascinating, very interesting and a fantastic way of starting a relationship. Indeed, every couple can have a romantic holiday in Uganda, less congested, quite with plenty to give to each and every one who explores it.

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