beach holiday packages

Beach Holiday Packages

Enjoy beach holiday packages and island hoping in East Africa on top of wildlife viewing safaris. From the coast of the Indian Ocean along the beautiful coastlines of Kenya and Tanzania to the Lake Victoria tropical beaches and islands in Uganda, there are abundant options for beach holidays. Thanks to the warm tropical climate, beach holidays can be done any time of the year.

Most of these beach holiday spots also offer a number of attractions, both wildlife and culture as well as water sport activities. You can find many things to do when you are on east African beach holiday. Top beach holiday destinations in East Africa, include Zanzibar islands that serve as a wonderful holiday experience for honeymooners, families and travelers who want to relax and chill. Located off the coast of main land Tanzania, Zanzibar, though it’s popular for honeymoon is an ideal option for travelers to enjoy the sun, sand and sea plus lots of water based adventures including scuba diving, surfing, and snorkeling.

The capital of Zanzibar Stone town is a Unesco world heritage site with rich cultural heritage and history. Visit the famous Spice Islands which are known for its spice plantations or explore the city ancient buildings and forts. In Kenya you will find great places to visit on your beach holiday such as diani beach in Mombasa along the Indian Ocean. Diani beach experience in Mombasa is easy to combine with elephant encounters mwaluganje elephant sanctuary. The other best beaches in Kenya include chele island, Lamu Island, gazi beach, nyali and watumu beach. Once you have selected the beach destinations you want to visit, the next thing to do is to choose of many hotels and beach resorts to stay.

Beach holiday and wildlife safaris can be arranged in one complete package. Exploring beaches to soak up the sun relax and sip a drink, can really add to the experience of wildlife safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda or Uganda. Uganda beach vacations

While Uganda is known for its mountain gorilla safaris, it’s also home to beautiful tropical beaches and islands which are found in Lake Victoria. Approximately 84 islands make up Sesse islands in Lake Victoria Uganda, but only 2 of those; i.e. bulago and Bugala and kalangala fishing villages are developed for tourism. Bulago and bugala offers white sand beaches, a great mix of activities such as nature walks, boat rides, amazing sunsets and a variety of accommodation facilities for families and budget travelers.

Uganda’s gateway Entebbe international airport nestled on the shores of Lake Victoria is also one of the most popular beach holiday destinations. Entebbe town being the main port of entry and exit, it’s easy to add a visit to the Sesse islands at the end or start of your Uganda safari. Entebbe town itself has everything from resort beach hotels, botanical gardens, national zoo (the Uganda wildlife education center).


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