Trek Gorrillas Twice - 4 Day Uganda Private Mountain Gorilla tracking Safari to trek gorillas twice in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

This 4 day safari to trek gorillas twice includes two gorilla tracking safaris in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.  The accommodation could vary based on the parts of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest for which we acquire permits for the gorilla groups you will track.

Itinerary - Trek Gorillas Twice:

Day One:Uganda road gorilla  journey to Bwindi park

Leave Kampala or Entebbe in the early morning for Bwindi Impenetrable Forest for your 3 day private, comprehensive, better budget gorilla Safari.  Take pleasure in the journey that is rather scenic and differs in what you’ll see on the way particularly as you move nearer to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest as well as to the beautiful area also known as the “the Switzerland of Africa”.

You will have lunch in Mbarara before continuing on to Bwindi-African Rainforest- home to more than half of the total  world’s population of the decreasing in number Mountain Gorillas to arrive late in the afternoon.  Have time to rest as you prepare for the Mountain Gorilla Tracking experience in Uganda the following day.  Overnight Mahogany Springs / Engagi Lodge (BLD)


Day 2:First Gorilla trek

After an early breakfast head to the Headquarters of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park where you will be oriented about Mountain Gorilla Tracking / Trekking and then be separated into groups based on the gorilla family you will track.
You may employ a porter to hold your belongings and as a consequence support a local family; you may as well buy a walking stick.  Remember to carry packed lunch and drinking water provided by your lodge.

From here you will leave into the forest and start your first day of Uganda gorilla trek. You will hike through this mystical and spectacular forest and then there is a lot more to see as you search for the Mountain Gorilla Group.  The plant life and animals, the various other primates, butterflies, mammals and birds will be very breathtaking and only improve your adventure experience.
The gorilla tracking may incorporate some strenuous climbing as well as hiking however, when you finally come face to face with the strong yet gentle Mountain Gorillas, watching them only a clarge ouple of meters from where you will be standing, viewing the gorillas, seeing mothers with their babies, seeing the gorillas go about the day to day activities is all very fascinating.  You will never find a mountain gorilla staying in the zoo but just within this small part of Africa where the surviving mountain gorillas can be seen.

Later on, you will head back to the park headquarters based on the time plus your physical energy you may have an optional village walk (not part of price), to encounter the impressive lifestyle of the native people living around the forest. You will observe how they locally brew beer, check out the local medicinal plants that they locally use. You will enjoy some traditional dances and entertainment all worth experiencing on this safari. Overnight Mahogany Springs / Engagi Lodge (BLD)

Day Three: Second time Trekking Gorillas (different gorilla family)

After Breakfast you will go for another second Gorilla Trek but this time different gorilla family.  There are 3 gorilla groups within the Buhoma area therefore double gorilla tracking here isn’t a problem, you can also drive to the Ruhija area which is approximately One hour drive from Buhoma area.

You will need the same type of clothes as on the previous day yet again you can make use of the services of a porter to help you carry your belongings.

The Gorilla Trek may take anything from 2 hours to 5 hours or more however the experience will again be very wonderful  and in fact it becomes much more special when you can share the experience with a person like a spouse, or even a friend.

Following the gorilla trek you might have some more energy and choose to go on an optional Batwa Cultural Experience or (an optional) village walk, or decide to simply relax for the remainder of the day. Overnight Mahogany Springs / Engagi Lodge (BLD)

Day Four: Travel back to Kampala

After a lovely and in fact the final breakfast in Bwindi, you will check out of the camp and begin your long drive back to the capital Kampala. Your way back, you will have lunch in Mbarara town, and later stop at the Equator to take some pictures before proceeding to Kampala where our safari will end. (BL)

End of Trek Gorillas Twice Safari!

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Trek Gorillas Twice

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